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Our birth preparation course offers a comprehensive and individual approach. Our team includes midwifes specialised in lactation and hypnose.

Frédérique Leboyer's method of baby massage allows you to establish a relationship based on respect, love and trust that favor the creation ...

This weekly training is adapted for pregnant women as well as active moms. Babies can accompany us with strollers...

The training exercises allow for restabilating the body muscles by concentraining on the central muscles...

At our breastfeeding cafés expecting mums and those with their babies meet around a coffee...



Danielle Federspiel-Haag

Midwife, founder biennaître

I graduated from the CHUV midwifery school in Lausanne in 1995, and worked in several hospitals and maternity departments...


Inge Borghys

midwife, lactation consultant

In 1987, I graduated from the school of midwives of ‘Hoger Rijksinstituut voor Paramedische Beroepen ‘in Ostend, Belgium...


Charlie Arnold


Tel. : +352 691 491 969


Anne De Buyst

Osteopathe DO

Certificated in children osteopathie 
Tel. : +352 621 733 348


Delphine Scoazec


Je suis sage femme depuis 1996, et j'ai travaillé dans plusieurs établissements en France (Hôpital Necker, CHU de Nantes, Institut de Puériculture de Paris ...)

Lynn Turmes


I’m an agreed educator, psychologist and psychotherapist. The systemic psychotherapy helped me to point my view more on the resources...

Emmanuella Mollet

Emmanuella Mollet


 specialized in children and teenager dietetics as well as in food allergies and intolerances.

Bien Naitre

66 Rue Langheck
5854 Alzingen

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