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Preparing for childbirth with DreamBirth®

DreamBirth® is a technique that comes from America and which allows you to create the conditions for a positive birth experience, transforming any type of birth into the best possible and most satisfying experience. DreamBirth® visualizations soften what is happening, so the body, brain and baby can experience the event differently.

During DreamBirth® sessions I guide you through short visualization meditations that allow you to address inner fears, worries, beliefs and ancestral patterns that obstruct the natural progression of events. It is the language of our inner knowledge, our subconscious and our higher self which wants us to be happy!

DreamBirth® can turn babies, stop premature labor, minimize the effects of medications, create deeper intimacy between mother and partner, improve the relationship with your own mother, decrease fear, help you stay relaxed and open during work, and, and, and… It’s a powerful way to communicate with the subconscious, it’s fast, fun, and capable of changing beliefs.

I offer different sessions depending on your needs, reimbursed by the CNS as part of the childbirth preparation sessions.


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