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Osteopathy is indicated for the pregnant woman and the new mother as well as her newborn presenting pain following muscle tension (vertebral pain, digestive disorders, gastro-oesophageal reflux, constipation, pseudo-torticollis, sucking disorders, plagiocephaly, ….,)

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„So much is asked of parents and so little is given,” said Virginia Satir, one of the founders of family therapy. Nearly all families deal with some kind of dysfunction at one time or another. Family therapy offers a way to develop and maintain a healthy, functional family. Childbirth as well as the period preceding…

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The physiotherapist works with women and babies with special needs. Physiotherapy helps to strengthen the perineum. This work is done by massage and contraction exercises either with or without biofeedback. The physiotherapist can relieve you in the event of back pain, sciatica, any other concerns of mobilization, throughout the pregnancy and after childbirth. She can…

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A prenatal and postnatal consultation is available at any time during during your maternité period. It is a time of exchange with your midwife in complete privacy. The appointment is an opportunity to voice your expectations, your worries and to find together ways to answer them. The midwife does also take care of you and…

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