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Breastfeeding café

Dietary diversification What to do to introduce food to the babies? What kinds of methods do exist? What do I have to watch out? Which signs does the baby make to show that it’s ready? These questions and others will be discussed in a pleasant round with Michèle dietitian

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Pre and postnatal Pilates

The training exercises allow for restabilating the body muscles by concentraining on the central muscles. These intervene in the postural equilibrium and the pelvic floor.

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Fit mums

This weekly training is adapted for pregnant women as well as active moms. Babies can accompany us with strollers. We offer an active outdoor outing including a warm-up session, a cardio phase with sessions alternating running and walking, exercises focused on the musculature of the posture ending with stretching and relaxation exercises. The meeting point…

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Birth preparation

Our birth preparation course offers a comprehensive and individual approach. Our team includes midwifes specialised in lactation and hypnose. We will help you prepare for the birth of your baby as much by knowledge, as physically and emotionnally. We will cover wellbeing in pregnancy, labour and birth process, breastfeeding, postnatal care and parenting. Partners are…

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Frédérique Leboyer’s method of baby massage allows you to establish a relationship based on respect, love and trust that favor the creation of a strong bond of attachment. It is a privileged and pleasant moment to stimulate your baby’s development, to bring them relaxation and relief. You become familiar with the handling and the first…

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