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Complementary Medicines


Acupuncture is a practice from traditional Chinese medicine.

It consists of the stimulation of acupuncture points on various places on the body using very fine needles.

The pathologies for which acupuncture in obstetrics is most often practiced are:

– nausea, lower back pain and sciatica, fetal malposition, passing the due date…


Homeopathy is a therapeutic method which is based in particular on the principle of similarity, that is to say, treating with what is similar to the disease. It consists in fact of the administration at very low doses of substances likely to cause, at different concentrations, in healthy humans, manifestations similar to the symptoms presented by the patient.

The pathologies for which homeopathy in obstetrics is most often used are:

– nausea, fetal malposition, passing due date, breastfeeding problems, maternal exhaustion, insomnia, baby colic, etc.

Consultations covered by the CNS as part of pregnancy monitoring.

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