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Price list of our classes

ClassesNumber of classesNext classPrice €
Babymassage5x60 min.starts monday 20 avril from 10.30-11.30140 euros
Pre and Postnatal Pilates5x45minwednesday from 10.30-11.1550 euros/ unlimited participation
Breastfeeding cafeTuesday 10.00-11.00soon with Vanessa
25 euros
Fit mumswednesday from10h30 à 11h3050 euros/ unlimited participation

* please contact us for next classes
* excluded from school holidays
* spoken languages lu/german/french/eng/port
* appointments on weekend and evening on request

periode COVID-19

Prenatal sessions by téléconsultation (see news)

Postnatal house visits as usual

Psychotherapist consultation by phone

Physiotherapist ans osteopath only emergencies


Price of consultations


Midwife : taken in charge by CNS

Physiotherapist : taken in charge by CNS

Midwife, lactation consultant : taken in charge by CNS

Birth preparation : taken in charge by CNS

Osteopathe : 80 euros

Psychotherapist : 85 euros

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