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Not only is your physical body undergoing miraculous change, but so is your mind and your heart.
This four-week workshop series is NOT your “average”, clinical childbirth
education course. IT IS a series of hands-on, inspiring workshops that will
empower you to find trust and courage in yourself & your abilities, give you a voice and equip you with the tools and principles you will need for birth no
matter the type of birth you will have. With a balanced mix of breath work,
strengthening & refreshing yoga practices as well as knowledgeable,
non-judgmental, real-life antenatal expertise, you will be able tune in to your fullcapacity to navigate pregnancy, childbirth & your journey into motherhood.

Series Themes:

Week 1: Welcoming Your Evolution in Body and in Mind
This week we take a dive into how your body evolves throughout pregnancy aswell as the new connections your brain creates to prepare for motherhood. Not only will we discuss the anatomical changes that occur throughout pregnancy and each phase of childbirth, but we will also begin to look into the hormonal system during pregnancy and how that plays a part in your overall well-being, cravings and mental health.

Week 2: Connection, Movement & Breath
This week we will discuss the importance of mobility and breathwork during
pregnancy and childbirth as well as creating the sense of connection betweenyourself and your baby and yourself and your partner. You will learn about many different laboring-positions, comfort-measures and support options for both you and your birth partner as well as three very important childbirth breathing techniques that are guaranteed to help you on the big day. Furthermore, through a few creative and inspiring activities, we will discuss how to create, maintain and nurture all of the relationships and connections you would like in order to best support you on your journey.

Week 3: Nurturing Nourishment: The Digestive System & Intuitive Center
This week we dive a bit deeper into our hormonal system during pregnancy andchildbirth as well as postpartum. Then, we will make a connection between yourhormones and your digestive system as well as your intuition (ie: your mama-instincts). Altogether, we will also discuss best food and nourishmentoptions for each trimester as well as self-care techniques that will help you not only during pregnancy, but during your postpartum time as well.

Week 4: Compassionate Self-Observation & the Pelvic Floor
This week our focus will be on your unique wants and needs for the remainder of your pregnancy and as you continue to navigate motherhood. Additionally, we will discuss the important, but often overlooked role of your pelvic floor: how to find it, how to strengthen it, and how to care for it. You will also be given many accessible and applicable tips & tricks to add to your childbirth toolbox as well as where to find and how to navigate the substantial amount of resources that are available to you.

All sessions in a group of max. 5 mothers

45 euros/session

Yogateacher Sara Wagener speaks eng/french/german/lux



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