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This training is based on the BEBO ( perineal rehabilitation) concept developed in Switzerland, together with the Stott Pilates methodology by Polestar from Maastricht.
The training exercises allow for restabilating the body muscles by concentraining on the central muscles. These intervene in the postural equilibrium and the pelvic floor. Through exercising, we try to strenghten the weakest muscles and to de-contract the cramped muscles, thereby executing the movemenrsin the rythmus of your respiration to ensure correct alignment of the vertebral column to maintain a correct posture.
Pilates is for pregnant women enforcing fast and slow thorax breathing together with observing the movements of the pelvic floor. During the postnatal period, this technique allows for progressive and smooth strengthening of stomach belt.
Once the awareness raised and muscles trained, you may practice the exercises during daily life.
We recommend you to bring a bath towel.


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